Quality policy

Robbkontrol Kft. paricipates in projects and development activities, holds trainings and provides expert services in the field of life protection and accident prevention (explosion prevention, labour safety, fire protection).
Our quality management system helps us complying with valid hungarian and EU laws, orders, and standards, while also provides the holistic satisfaction and safety of our partners.
We wish to reach our goals by developing our own management systems and processes, the constant training of our colleagues and partners, by the professional attitude of our employees with respect to the guidelines set in the Code of Ethics technically propsed by the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers.
Our opinion is that a company’s greatest value are its employees, sometimes they are the loan key to the corporate success. Our specialites strongly connects to our partner’s employees and colleagues, as they play a key role in labour safety, fire protection, and explosion prevention, thus we could not be effective while contributing to our partners safety. The constant development and training, the commitment, and the experience of our colleagues ensures our and our partner’s long range success. Our target is to reach the highest possible costumer satisfaction by providing high-level, complex services.
The most important elements of our corporate culture is the correct cooperation with the partners, reliability, competency, personal contact, adaptibility, integrity and purposefulness.
The key to future success is the maximal satisfaction of our partners!